Our Projects

Lunch Club (Over 50s)

The project brought together a representative group of residents in structured activities via the Weavers community engagement meeting. The project empowered people, encourage them to set the agenda, combat social exclusion/isolation, promote greater inter-communal/faith underst&ing & a sharper shared sense of place & community. The issues for the community engagement meeting, determined by the participants themselves. The Club developed community relations, encouraged greater underst&ing, broken down existing divisions & built greater inclusion/cohesion at a grass root neighbourhood level. See our Activities page for the timetable.

Social Welfare Advice

Social Welfare Advice Project:This project is funded by London Borough Tower Hamlets. The project activities are to provide legal advice services, assisted with social welfare advice, housing advice & general advice. The project is delivering by qualified Legal Advisor. The Service that we are delivering under the Generalist Advice Service is: Assisted Information See our Activities page for the timetable.

Study Support Classes

This project is aimed towards the youth in the local area who want to boost their academic performance in secondary school or college. Students can also bring in their homework which they may need support for or simply come in to study in a quiet study environment. Study support is offered by by subject specific teachers and local volunteers for the following subjects: Maths, English, Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics).

Weekend Activities

In our weekend activities we provide the youth with football club sessions for both girls & boys. See our Activities page for the timetable.